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The Fourth of July

July 5, 2009

This year’s 4th of July was fairly uneventful for me. The nearby town of Neche (where my father went to school) had it’s “all-class reunion” this weekend, so that pretty much ruled out some sort of family “reunion” for fireworks and a cook out. That morning, Neche had a 4th of July parade, so everyone in my family went there to watch it. The parade was very long, and consisted mostly of vintage cars and tractors, but we all enjoyed it anyway. That afternoon was extremely uneventful, with most of my family partly hungover from the night before, we all just hung out around the house and slept for most of the afternoon. That evening, we all went over to my aunts house and did a little cook out there, with steak and chicken being served.

I guess that dinner was the most eventful thing of the day for me, which I’m okay with. We all sat around outside and proceeded with the conventional small talk: how we thought Obama was doing in office, Michael Jackson dying, what we had planned for the rest of the night, and of course everyone wanted to know about my recent trip to Anaheim, California.

That night, my family went back to Neche as there was a street dance that everyone was invited to. I hung back at the house for two reasons: I never and will never go to school in Neche, and I didn’t want to stay until 2:00 AM while everyone got drunk. Our town always had a very good fireworks display that they did every year, but for some reason, that ended a few years ago. I was able to watch a neighbor’s display, though, which was plenty much for me. Thumper stayed in the basement the whole night, as he was obviously scared to death of the loud noises. I went down there a bit later to comfort him, which helped quite a bit.

And that right there is how my fourth went. If you want to share your stories, just leave comments. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter at 🙂

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